Laptop Hooligans Netlabel

An open netlabel platform, releasing experimental and noisey sound and video production. If you would like to feature your music here, then please send it to ethnomite(at) - both low and high bitrate mp3 are accepted. The music distributed by Laptop Hooligans can be used for film & video, providing it is a non-commercial project. For further use of any music please contact Laptop Hooligans, who will then contact the artist(s) concerned. Don't forget to "Like" our Facebook page if you like our releases!

Our Manifesto

We are not shouting UNDERGROUND. “Laptop Hooligans” is embracing of people and ideas. We are not telling you what you should or should not be.

We are making Noises that includes art, film and music, birds, girls, guns, cars, Gagging, church bells, cats, whispers, dogs, bikes, computer fan, fidgeting, house radiators, crackling, mouse clicks, boiling water, wind, mosquito, dog’s bell, fan’s blade turning, silence, siren, people yelling, a rubbish bin rolling down the road, the roar of Godzilla, kettle boiling, frigde, clock, mumbling, cicadas, radio, heater, people at my tap, television, deep bass, beautiful Khmer wedding singer, clinking of glasses, and Khmer man asking me to dance.

We are autonomous, respectful and get things wrong. We are trying to get things at least working.

We are not anything and at the same time everything that consists of the fragility within humanity. This label has no interest in promoting RACISM or SEXISM or INTOLERANCE toward others. In the words of Luigi Russolo “Noise triumphs and reigns supreme over the sensibility of men”.

We “Laptop Hooligans” are not here to say what is and isn’t good music. We want artists that we help promote to work with us and not expect the netlabel to do all the promoting. We welcome suggestions. In the words of Sid Yiddish “If you can spit… you can blow”.

We welcome Noise Hooligans who want to destroy instruments, rebuild instruments, and build instruments.

We release all material under the Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike License and occassionally to the Public domain.